Google Reveals Chromebit HDMI Stick Computer

It looks like Google will be offering a HDMI stick device that can act as a computer. Revealed in the latest Chrome blog post the Chromebit will be made by ASUS and run Google’s Chrome OS turning any device with a HDMI-in port to a computer.

ASUS Chromebit

The device is said to be “smaller than a candy bar”, and will feature a quad-core Rockchip 3288 ARCM Cortext-A17 processor, ARM Mali 760 graphics processor, 16GB of storage, 2GB RAM, USB port, 802.11ac WiFi, and Bluetooth 4.0.

The device as you can see will come in different color options. Expect to see it in stores and at the Google Play store for around $100.

Source: Google Chrome Blog | News Archive

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