NVIDIA GeForce Now is now available on Chromebooks

Consumers opt for Chromebooks to fulfill their mobile computing requirements. Unluckily there are not many options for gaming on these economical Chromebooks. Rumors indicated the official arrival of Steam on Chrome OS but it is still a dream. But the good news is that Chrome OS users can now game on the Chromebooks as Nvidia has announced the arrival of GeForce Now on Chrome OS.

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With today’s beta launch on ChromeOS, Chromebooks now wield the power to play PC games using GeForce Now. Chromebook users join the millions on PC, Mac, NVIDIA Shield and Android mobile devices already playing their favorite games on our cloud gaming service with GeForce performance.

In case you don’t know about the GeForce Now, it is Nvidia’s cloud gaming service. The service allows people to play their pre-purchased games. The games can be purchased from stores like Steam or Epic. The NVIDIA Shield streaming allows the games to be played on low-end hardware.GeForce is free if you agree to their 1-hour play session policy.

The founder edition can be bought for $5. It offers unlimited playtime, ray tracing, and other features. Six months of Founders access and some exclusive Hyper Scape content can be availed for $25. This offer is for a limited time only. Currently, Geforce supports more than 650 games. Full list of games can be found Here.