New Batman game likely to be called Gotham Knights, confirms teaser website data mining

Warner Brothers Montreal is about to release a new Batman game. The studio recently revealed a teaser website for the game, to get fans hyped up. Now we have some details about the game thanks to this website.

Reddit user Chase-5 snooped around the website and discovered a few things about the upcoming Batman game. They figured out the codes to the mysterious puzzles put up on the site, and Twitter user Batman Arkham Videos was quick to decode it:

This is a major hint at the name of the game being Gotham Knights. It is also very likely that we will get to see the Batfamily in the game, and we might even get playable characters to a great degree.

These are all rumors and speculations, of course. Details about the game will officially be announced at the upcoming DC FanDome Event, which is scheduled for August 22nd. Stay tuned for more details on that.

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Via Wccftech

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