First TV ad for PlayStation 5 hints at pre-orders and price announcement coming soon

The next-gen console race is speeding up, and it looks like we might be due for some price announcements and pre-orders soon. The latest comes from PlayStation, who has today beat Xbox in releasing its first TV ad.

The advertisement first saw light in its Hungarian language version. However, since then, PlayStation has officially released it on its YouTube channel, as well as made it official on the PlayStation Blog. Take a look at the ad:

This first global spot for the PlayStation 5 certainly hints at Sony trying to beat Microsoft to market. Over the last few console generations, we have seen how important that is and given Xbox Series X’s underwhelming pricing rumors, and the lack of exclusives, PS5 seems to be headed for gold.

Of course, an Xbox Series X announcement is close as well, so a large part of the race still remains to be seen. More on that as it develops.

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Via Wccftech

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