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Hitman 3 will to be an Epic Games Store exclusive for PC for the first year

Epic Games is not slowing down. While we have seen attempts from Steam to counter Epic’s strategy of customer acquisition and taking away the title of the dominant storefront from it, Epic seems to be doubling down on its efforts. In today’s news, we have a confirmation that Hitman 3 will be an Epic Games Store exclusive for PC.

IO interactive has revealed that the next Hitman Game, titled Hitman 3 will be an Epic Games Store exclusive for the first 12 months. This breaks away from the usual routine of the Hitman franchise for the last decade, during which all games in the franchise have been on Steam.

The game has a lot of hype around it, so it will be interesting to see how the fan reception to this exclusivity is like. The game will be released in January 2021 on the Epic Games Store, and will come to Steam a whole year later in January 2022.

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Via TechPowerUp

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