Gotham Knights, The New Batman Video Game Unveiled At DC FanDome

After various rumors and fan theories that made rounds for years, Gotham Knights is finally announced.

The game was unveiled during the DC FanDome virtual event on Saturday. WB Games Montreal will develop the game. This Studio also developed Batman: Arkham Knight which was from the well-liked Batman Arkham video game series. Hopefully, a professional translation services company localize the Gotham Knights and it would be available to a wider audience soon.

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The opening trailer showed an increase in crime after the death of Bruce Wayne. Robin, Batgirl, Nightwing, and the Red Hood came out as the city’s defender after the death of Batman.

The new heroes were informed about the destruction of Batcave through an arising video from Batman. The video also shows the initialization of Code Black.

The fighting style of 4 playable characters was shown through intensive gameplay. The characters use an array of bat-themed weapons to protect Gotham city. Nightiwigs trademark weapon electric escrima sticks and Redhoods firearms are also provided. The characters lack the Batmobile, but separate bikes are provided for commuting around the city.

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Mysterious Court of Owls and famous Batman arch enemy Mr.Freeze also made their appearance in the trailer. Owl-masked cabal (appeared in the DC Comics reboot in 2011) is a new introduction to the Batman universe. This introduction was expected as WB Games showed some hints. It also proved the fan theories.

Gotham Knights will be released in 2021.

Via Tom’s Guide