Razer Introduces Productivity Suite For Professionals

Gamers are the main target audience of Razer PC accessories. This is about to change as Razer with the partnership of Humanscale will release a new lineup of user-friendly PC accessories, targeting professionals. Razer has named it Razors Productivity Suite. It will feature a mouse, a keyboard, and a mousepad.

These include Pro Click, Pro type, and Pro Glide. White and Gray color schemes are used for the products. Interestingly there is no RGB in any of these products as they are targeting the professionals rather than the gamers.

Pro Click Mouse:

The primary attention of the lineup is the mouse. Its design will place the user’s wrist at a 30-degree angle. Razer claims that this strategy reduces the chances of developing conditions like tendonitis and carpal tunnel syndrome. The mouse will also be suitable for all hand sizes and will feature Razer’s 5G optical sensor. Eight programmable buttons are also provided in the mouse. Razor also promises 400 hours of battery life.

Pro Type Keyboard:

The Pro Type keyboard features multi-host Bluetooth functionality, allowing support for up to four devices. It lacks the split board design, but its orange mechanical switches and a soft-touch coating on keys is sufficient for the user-friendly tag. Macro Programmable keys are also provided on the keyboard.

Pro Glide Mousepad:

It features a very basic design. The textured micro-weave cloth surface is used to provide smooth mouse movement.

These three products will be launched today on the Razers website While Authorized retailers will get them on the 27th of August. The Pro Click mouse costs $99.99, Pro Type Keyboard is priced at $139.99, and the Pro Glide Mousepad retails for $9.99.