Microsoft Flight Simulator Is Expected To Generate $2.6 Billion In Hardware Sales

PC gaming is evolving and is all set to see an increase in hardware spending. Microsoft Flight Simulator is going to fuel this increase. The game’s stunning graphics and precise mapping data makes it a hardware intensive game. Analyst at Jon Peddie Research says the game will generate $ 2.6 billion in hardware upgrades in three years’ time.

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JPR estimates to sell 2.27 million copies by 2023. This figure was used by a research firm to calculate the amount gamers will be spending on PC hardware. Different subsets of players are included. This also had “Economically Active” PC gamers. These gamers upgrade their hardware more frequently in comparison to other gamers.

Senior Analyst Ted Pollack says that the demanding nature of these simulators and the lack of hardware to run the game at max settings is why a persistent hardware demand comes into existence.

Before reaching the revenue generated by the sales of PC hardware, Researcher Jon also considered the percentage of people who only play simulator games. He predicted that $2.6 billion will be spent on PC hardware upgrades.

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JPR president says that NVIDIA and AMD will benefit the most from the game. These simulators require complex calculations to be performed by the processor. Not only this, but gamers are also aware that Processor upgrades are difficult hence they choose the best ones.

Other PC manufacturers like Dell, HP, and Lenovo will also benefit from the increased PC hardware upgrades. To summarize it, everyone involved in the PC gaming hardware industry will benefit from the latest and greatest from Microsoft.