Possible roadmap for AMD’s 5th Gen Ryzen chips gets detailed

As it plans to catch up with Intel, AMD’s work on its Ryzen lineup is in overdrive, with plans across multiple future generations. Now, we might have some details about AMD’s roadmap for its 5th Gen Ryzen chips, including the codenames.

The information comes from Videocardz and is compiled from an older May 2020 report, and some new details. The leak says AMD will release its 4th Gen Ryzen “Vermeer” desktop CPUs with Zen 3 cores, and PCIe Gen 4 support, in 2020. These will be made with the 7nm process from TSMC. We know that the Renoir APUs are going to launch this year as officially confirmed by AMD, so we might get to see the CPU lineup come alongside it.

The report also details 2021 plans for AMD. The 5th Gen chips are codenamed Warhol, and will also have Zen 3 cores, PCIe Gen 4, and be made with the 7nm process. It will be interesting to see how AMD pushes the performance and value proposition from 4th gen if that is the case.

AMD Ryzen 5000 roadmap

The other series will be named Van Gogh, an APU based on Zen 2, with RDNA2 iGPU, and LPDDR5 support. The last Ryzen series for 2021 will be Cezanne. This series will have the opposite combination, with Zen 3 CPU cores combined with a Vega iGPU.

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