PUBG Mobile 1.0 To Be Launched On 8th September With Major Performance Fixes

PUBG Mobile will release the big 1.0 update that will provide improved player character models, particles, smokes, airblasts, and muzzle flashes. Scope Interaction is also added. Better Environment will be provided by improving graphics for vegetation, water, etc. Gameplay elements like parachuting, sprinting, throwing, and other key actions will be revamped.

According to the game developers, lag will be decreased by 76%, and a 30% increase in frame rate will also be provided with the update, but it depends on your hardware. For now only Oneplus phones have access to 90fps till 6th September, but the new version will provide higher fps gameplays on other high-spec devices too.

Tencent Games revealed the merger of PUBG Mobile World League (PMWL) and World Championship into PUBG Mobile Global Championship (PMGC). Teams from America, Europe, SouthAsia, SouthEast Asia, Middle East, and China will participate in PMGC for a $2 million reward. The COVID-19 pandemic might be a hindrance to fans’ physical presence in the event.

PUBG Mobile has crossed the 60 million download mark since its release on Android and iOS.
The game also has 50 million daily active players, excluding China. PUBG is known as “Game of Peace” in China and has a large user base there. However, PUBG failed to dominate as a battle royale tag on Consoles and PC but is doing pretty well in the mobile segment.

Via The Verge