MPG Sekira 100 Series Gaming PC Cases Released By MSI

The Sekira Series has kept up with the trend of incorporating Luxury. This mid-tower chassis is made of premium materials and features a breathtaking design. The practical features are for the needs of gamers. It can occupy a GPU of up to 340mm, a CPU cooler of up to 170mm, and a 250mm PSU.

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As far as the exterior is concerned, flush sheets of aluminum and glass are used to exhibit its stunning lights. The monochromatic front panel exemplifies its modest aesthetics.


The I/O ports provide power and convenience. The bridging of a USB Gen2 Type-C port with 10Gbps has made it possible. You can quickly pair the MPG Sekira 100 Series with an MSI motherboard. A possibility of a complete ecosystem is also there if MSI graphic cards and MAG CORELIQUID Series liquid coolers are used.

Four ARGB fans are also provided. Their Impressive lightning effects are controllable through the Insta-Light Loop, located on the I/O port.

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Its hardware features make it competent and provide exceptional performance. The top lid offers increased airflow and acts as a chassis shield. Upon the removal of the lid, you will notice a screwless tempered glass and lock mechanism is used to keep it in place. The sliding top vent lid provides additional protection.
The removal of the top vent lid also gives access to the magnetic dust filter.

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You can visit Here for detailed specifications of MSI MPG SEKIRA 100R and MPG SEKIRA 100P.