MSI Announces Optix MAG342CQRV Curved 34-inch Gaming Monitor

MSI’s has just announced its latest gaming monitor Optix MAG342CQRV. The monitor has a full 34-inch UWQHD panel with resolution support of up to 3440X1400. It also supports 100hz refresh rate, 1ms VA panel. The monitor also supports Adaptive Sync. Compared to the 16:9 panel, the 21:9 provides a wider viewing angle by increasing the screen size. Game efficiency and operation is also improved as multiple windows can be displayed simultaneously.

21:19 widescreens, VA panel, provides smooth pictures and exceptional contrast. This feature plays a vital role in daily tasks like multi-window networks, along with gaming. High-definition screen playback support is also offered by 3440X1440 resolution.

Enhanced 21:9 Wide Angle:

The monitor’s 21:9 panel provides a wider viewing angle compared to the 16:9 panel, Thus enabling multitasking for gamers. They also observe better operational and gaming efficiency.

High Refresh Rate and Fast Response Time:

100hz refresh rate and 1ms response time are beneficial for fast-paced game genres like FPS, RTS, etc.

Gaming OSD App 2.0:

The software allows you to tweak your monitor settings. The display setting for individual apps can also be changed. In-game hotkeys can also be used to adjust display settings.

Adaptive Sync:

Adaptive Sync synchronizes the display rate of your GPU with your monitor resulting in a smoother gaming experience. It also eliminates screen tearing or stuttering.

Night Vision:

Night Vision has been integrated into the Gaming OSD App 2.0. The dark areas are smartly amplified instead of increasing the brightness of the whole screen, leading to overexposed areas.