Microsoft unveils Xbox Series X dashboard, faster with a new rounded design

It seems like Microsoft is focussing on all the little details with the Xbox Series X. Today, it revealed the new dashboard design which seems to be quite a bit speedier and comes with a tweaked design language with rounded elements.

It’s not a major design overhaul, but just a series of minor tweaks. That’s great since Xbox arguably had the better dashboard already, and these tweaks are promising a better experience while retaining familiarity. Take a look:

The dashboard will also come to the current Xbox One consoles but is expected to be 50% faster on the Xbox Series X. Microsoft also promises a 40 percent less memory consumption from the dashboard home screen, guide, and store.

Game switching will now be 33% faster with the loading screens. Game clip sharing is also getting an update. The Xbox will now instantly send the clip to your phone for better sharing. The new Xbox controller has an added share button, so this implementation makes sense.

We’ll see more when Xbox Series X releases in November. Thoughts? Hit us up in the comments, down below!

Via The Verge

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