AMD To Increase RX 6000 Series Board Partner Pricing By 10%

It appears that AMD will be increasing board partner pricing of RX 6000 series products by 10% according to posts on Board Channels forums. This 10% change will translate to around a $20 to $40 effective price increase. We are unsure if this price increase will be passed on to you, the customer, but we can expect as much.

amd rx 6000 series 1

The price increase will come into effect in the next shipment to board partners, which will happen one to two weeks from now. This price increase is the second we’ve seen from AMD in the span of two consecutive months. It has been reported that AMD has already increased board partner pricing by around 9% for the current month of November compared to October.

The reasons for the price increase is cited as demand of the holiday season or due to recent price hikes for 7nm wafers from TSMC. Interestingly enough though we have not seen AMD update their pricing on other 7nm node products like their Ryzen 5000 series.

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