AMD To Launch Hawaii XTX GPU

When AMD originally launched their R9 290 series graphics cards they were based on the Hawaii XT core. There have been many speculations since those cards have launched that the Hawaii XT core was actually a cut down version of the actual die. From this speculation came the thought of a full blown die, the Hawaii XTX. The existence of this die was said to be kept under wraps by AMD for competitive strategy against NVIDIA. It looks like it has now been confirmed that the Hawaii XTX does exist!


While the exact specifications are unknown at this point, we do believe that the Hawaii XTX will have 48 Compute Units. That will be one more in each Shader Engine (4 total). The number of ROPs will be the same at 64 and the TMU count will increase to 192. Here is a comparison chart of the Hawaii chips provided by VideoCardz.


The new card based on the Hawaii XTX is unknown right now. We would guess that it will either be called the Radeon R9 290XT or the Radeon R9 295X. The card will go up against NVIDIA’s GeForce GTX Titan Black and their GTX 780 Ti. It will have a pretty good chance at beating them too as the Hawaii XT is already better in 4K benchmarks. With 3072 stream processors it will definitely get the job done.

We are not sure when AMD will be launching this card, but we do expect it to come at the same time NVIDIA launches their Maxwell GM204 based cards.

Source: VideoCardz | News Archive

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