AMD To Relaunch FX-9590 Processor with AiO Liquid Cooler

Just a few days ago AMD’s Roy Taylor posted a little teaser image on his twitter account which did show an upcoming processor that came with an included liquid cooling system. The guys over at Hardware Canucks have confirmed that this is not a new processors, but AMD will be relaunching their current flagship FX-9590 processors with an included liquid cooling system.

AMD FX-9590

If you recall AMD launched the FX-9590 processor just about a year ago and the big marketing point was that it was the first processor to achieve a 5 GHz core frequency as a standard operating clock speed. The processors did not do so well and was met with a lot of criticism because of its expensive price tag of $999 and 220W TDP. The processor also did not really outperform Intel’s Ivy Bridge-E processors, which it was put up against given its price tag.

With its relaunch AMD is bundling it with the Cooler Master Seidon 120 AiO Liquid Cooler. This is being included for only a few extra dollars. The “bare” processor will still cost around $319, while the version with the Seidon will only be about $40 more at $360. If you were wondering the Cooler Master Seidon 120 cooler sells for $60 by itself.

While many people expected a new processor from AMD that might not happen for a long time as their main focus is on their APU division. It is good to see AMD finally listen to the community though, and pair their high-end processor with a capable cooling solution.

Source: Hardware Canucks | News Archive

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