Micron to Introduce Hybrid Memory Cube that is 15x Faster Than DDR3!

Micron is working on a new Hybrid Memory Cube that will be available as soon as the first quarter of next year. The Hybrid Memory Cube will provide 15 times more bandwidth than traditional DDR3 memory that you can purchase today. Even with newer DDR4 the Hybrid Memory Cube will still provide five times more bandwidth.

Micron Hybrid Memory Cube

Along with being much faster this new memory type will also draw 70 percent less energy. Micron says that they can achieve this by stacking memory chips using a connection type called “Through Silicon Via”. As you may guess the memory will need to be soldered to the motherboard near the CPU.

The Hybrid Memory Cube will also have other features that you do not see in traditional memory like debug, more error correction features and will also have logic layers.

Micron Hybrid Memory Cube

The Hybrid Memory cube will first ship in 4 GB and 8 GB variants and will be available for server and chip companies for initial testing.

Source: PC World | News Archive

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