First Look at Google’s Android TV Controller

If you haven’t heard, Android TV is coming and one of the features many people are looking forward to is the ability to play Android games on a nice large TV in your living room. There will be a standalone Android TV box that will ship with a game controller.

Android TV

The above photo was taken by Google I/O attendee Artem Russakovskii which shows the Android TV box, controller and more. This photo matched with the press render of the controller that were found in the Android L Developer preview. So we are for sure that this is going to be the controller that Google will be using with the device.

Android TV Controller

As you can see the device does resemble an Xbox controller quite a bit. The controller will feature a pair of thumbsticks, D-pad, ABXY buttons, and left and right paddles. At the center of the controller are Android back and home buttons and a large center button which we are guessing is for power. There are also four small LED indicators on the device.

Source: Hot Hardware | News Archive

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