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AMD FX-9590
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AMD To Relaunch FX-9590 Processor with AiO Liquid Cooler

Just a few days ago AMD's Roy Taylor posted a little teaser image on his twitter account which did show an upcoming processor that came with an included liquid cooling system. The guys over at Hardware Canucks have confirmed that this is not a new processors, but AMD will be relaunching their current flagship FX-9590 processors with an included liquid cooling system.

AMD FX-9590
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AMD Centurion FX-9590 5 GHz Processor Gets Benchmarked

With the intentions of giving a precise benchmark of the 5 GHz beast from AMD, VR-Zone forum member “Mac Clapper” obtained a retail sample of the FX-9590. Before we jump into the benchmarks, we would be sharing a bit of details about the FX-9590 itself. The processor (32nm HKG) which was being used on Piledriver and Bulldozer, FX-9590 has the same origin. It encompasses 8 cores along with 8 threads and includes 8MB of cache. In general, CPUs don’t have a 5GHz clock speed but it’s the Turbo core 3.0 technology that forces its clock higher from the base clock of 4.7 GHz. Retail samples are becoming visible on numerous retail sites from the time of the new lineup launch and the price range of the processors is estimated around $800 which is same as of the Core i7-3960X.

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AMD FX-9590 Pre-Orders Start At $878

The AMD FX-9590 processor has been making headlines since we <a href="" target="_blank">first talked about it</a>. It is AMD's "Vishera" based limited edition processor that is the first commercially available processor that will hit the 5 GHz mark. Well the processor has popped up at a few online retailers, we have them listed below.

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AMD Won’t Sell the 5 GHz FX-9590 CPU to Consumers

On <a href="" target="_blank">Tuesday</a> AMD made a huge announcement by launching the 5 GHz FX-9590 and 4.7 GHz FX-9370 processors. Of course after the announcement much raving ensued. It looks like anyone wanting to build a new PC with these new processors is out of luck. AMD will only be shipping these processors to system integrators and will not sell them through retail channels.

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AMD Readies FX-9000 CPU Clocked at 5 GHz!

Back in April we touched upon some news that AMD would be releasing a <a href="" target="_blank">5 GHz FX Centurion Super Processor</a>. It looks like that might actually come to light as Sweclockers has some information about two new AMD FX models that may be coming out soon. These models include the AMD FX-9000 and AMD FX-8770.

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AMD To Release 5 GHz FX Centurion Super Processor

We've seen processors on both the AMD and Intel side hit 5GHz, but all of these chips have lower stock speeds and the 5GHz speed is done through overclocking. According to <em>Hexus</em> there may be a 5GHz chip in the works from AMD. Although we are treating this as a total rumor, because it just sort of seems out of left field, especially from AMD. The chip would be called FX Centurion Super Processor and will be based on the same Piledriver architecture as the Vishera lineup.

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