AMD To Release 5 GHz FX Centurion Super Processor

We’ve seen processors on both the AMD and Intel side hit 5GHz, but all of these chips have lower stock speeds and the 5GHz speed is done through overclocking. According to Hexus there may be a 5GHz chip in the works from AMD. Although we are treating this as a total rumor, because it just sort of seems out of left field, especially from AMD. The chip would be called FX Centurion Super Processor and will be based on the same Piledriver architecture as the Vishera lineup.


To reported MSRP of this processor is said to be $795! It is not clear if the 5GHz will be the base clock or the highest level achievable by the Turbo Core technology. AMD’s current flagship processor is the FX-8350 reaches 4.2GHz, I assume it is possible for AMD to create a 5GHz chip. There is no information on whether this chip will have 8 cores like the FX-8350 or fewer.

It will be interesting to see if this rumor is actually true. Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

Source: Hexus | News Archive

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