PowerColor Releases Radeon HD 7790 OC V2 Graphics Card

PowerColor has released their third graphics cards based on AMD’s latest graphics processor the Radeon HD 7790. It is the their HD 7790 OC V2 (AX7790 1GBD5-DHV2/OC). The card features a reference designed PCB that look pretty cool since it is red, and a factory overclocked core speed of 1030 MHz. That puts it between the reference HD 7790 speed of 1000 MHz and the 1075 MHz of their own TurboDuo card.

powercolor 7790 v2

This card also uses a different cooling design then the previous cards PowerColor has released. It uses a compact aluminum fin stack with a single 8mm copper heatpipe that is ventilated by a single 70 mm fan. PowerColor did not release pricing or availability.

Source: PowerColor | News Archive

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