AMD Centurion FX-9590 5 GHz Processor Gets Benchmarked

Good news for all the consumers, AMD for the very first time has made public FX-9590 and FX-9370 processors at E3 2013 which will facilitate 5GHz native clock speed. The latest AMD FX 5 GHz processors are meant to be limited edition will approach the market through OEM PC manufacturers.

AMD FX-9590

With the intentions of giving a precise benchmark of the 5 GHz beast from AMD, VR-Zone forum member “Mac Clapper” obtained a retail sample of the FX-9590. Before we jump into the benchmarks, we would be sharing a bit of details about the FX-9590 itself. The processor (32nm HKG) which was being used on Piledriver and Bulldozer, FX-9590 has the same origin. It encompasses 8 cores along with 8 threads and includes 8MB of cache. In general, CPUs don’t have a 5GHz clock speed but it’s the Turbo core 3.0 technology that forces its clock higher from the base clock of 4.7 GHz. Retail samples are becoming visible on numerous retail sites from the time of the new lineup launch and the price range of the processors is estimated around $800 which is same as of the Core i7-3960X.

Some of the catchy details about FX-9590 are as follows; the chip runs at idle on 1.4 GHz at 0.857V whereas at the turbo Clock speed of 5GHz, it induces to 1.513V. For some cases this could be quite high and for usage it would require heavy cooling and power supply.  Only a restricted amount of high performance AM3+ motherboards shall be able to support the 5GHz series. The processor features the same size and the only difference is that the 5GHz chi is highly binned and comes with higher clock speeds.

For an amazing boost over the stock FX-9590 performance, the user had disabled AMD’s turbo Core 3.0 technology to get 5GHz clock speed for all eight cores. The result of the chip came out close to the Core i7-3960X since both processors are offering the same price range but is quite vigilant that AMD has not topped the core count of their CPUs but also the clock speed. Only if the IPC or compute side of the performance was as good or at least per Intel’s offering which we hopefully think that Steamroller and Excavator core’s architecture will change that, might bring AMD back into the game. The performance results are mentioned below.

AMD FX-9590 Performance:

  • CineBench R11.5 – 8.62 Points
  • WinRAR – 9249 KB/s
  • 7-ZIP – 28860 MIPS
  • Fritz Chess – 15678 Kilonodes/S
  • 3DMark Vantage – 27127 KB/s
  • 3DMark 11 – 8529 Physics Score
  • 3DMark FireStrike – 9571 Physics Score
  • x264 HD – 29
  • AIDA64 – 26751/17515/22754 MB/s (58.3 ns)

Photos of all of the benchmarks are at the source.

Source: VR-Zone Forums | News Archive