AMD to Abandon FX Processors – FX-9590 Becomes Final Legacy of The FX Lineup

AMD recently released that highest clocked processor ever in their FX processors lineup, the FX-9590. This is the 5 GHz chip you probably have been hearing about over the past few weeks. Also AMD’s recent launch of the FX Vishera lineup with the FX-8350 brought a 4 GHz clock speed at a sub $200 price range. AMD is still lacking in overall performance, but the are trying to offer consumers more value.

AMD FX-9590

While value is important, AMD’s FX Processors have had a hard time keeping up with Intel’s core series of processors in terms of performance as well as efficiency. Currently Intel’s “Haswell” is using a very efficient 22nm process design architecture. AMD on the other hand is offering a 32nm process on their “Piledriver” chips. Only in 2014 would AMD make the switch to a 28nm process with “Steamroller”, but this new design would be only limited to the Kaveri and Berlin APUs. It is possible that in 2014 and going forward AMD would possibly not offer any more CPUs under the FX Processors brand.

VR-Zone uncovered documents given to OEM’s behind closed doors by AMD. This is what they had to say, “Interestingly the document also made it clears the days of the big core are numbered, leaving the FX-9590 as the final legacy of the FX line.”

VR-Zone has been very accurate regarding AMD in the past thanks to other leaked documents that they have got their hands on. From these reports it seems that the recently launched FX-9590 5 GHz processor would be the last legacy of the FX processor line. This would seem to be true as AMD is behind in pretty much every aspect of desktop processor design. Remember Intel is switching to the 14nm Skylake process in 2015.

All of these things seem to point to the fact that AMD may be getting out of the enthusiast game all together. While the recently released FX processors did make headlines it is unsure how well they are actually going to sell and as we said Intel is leading by a large margin. On the other hand AMD’s Accelerated Processing Units have been doing really well. With the success and demand of AMD’s APU’s the FX lineup might just be done. We have not seen any AMD roadmap that makes us think differently or that shows an AM3+ desktop refresh or a Steamroller core for the enthusiast platform.

Source: WCCFTech, VR-Zone | News Archive

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