Sony May Introduce Vita & PS4 Bundle At Gamescom

We came across quite an interesting report yesterday, declaring the information came from a “very well sited anonymous source”. The source claims that Sony could be all ready to announce a bundle of the PlayStation 4 and the PlayStation Vita for “around $500″ and if this actually turns out to be true it could really blow off Microsoft, since Microsoft is too planning the release of Xbox One.


Sony is yet to publicize any form of bundle for either console but they haven’t even revealed the official retail release date for the hardware! Up till now it does makes sense that Sony would be wanting to encourage the sale of the Vita given that it works tunefully with the PlayStation 4 hardware for a huge number of features such as remote play, cross platform play, and even as a controller or second screen for some games.

If true, this would actually be a great saving on both consoles. A PlayStation Vita currently costs around $249.99 (£169.99), with PS4 set to cost $399.99 (£349) when it goes on sale this Christmas.
Sony have used Gamescom as a tool to make a number of announcements for PlayStation in the past, so we could hear of price fall, bundles and hopefully the final retail date.

Source: VideoGamer | News Archive