Virtium Introduces the DecaStor SATA 6G Solid State Drives

Virtium today launched its DecaStor line of solid state drives (SSDs). Designed in way to help embedded systems OEMs rely on a ready supply of SSDs in hard-to-find capacities, Virtium DecaStor 2.5 and 1.8-inch SSDs are considered to be the perfect storage solutions for applications designed around 80, 160 and 300 gigabyte (GB) capacity points. DecaStor SSDs also offers 10-channel controllers, which provide compatible transfer speeds for a huge variety of networking, industrial, in-flight entertainment, PoS terminals, gaming equipment and mobile monitoring systems.


Most of the OEM customers plan their applications around specific capacity points. Drifting to other capacities is not a piece of cake as it is in the client space and frequently produces the need for software changes that must be re-qualified. Virtium rescues industrial embedded OEMs from this software effort with drop-in 1.8 and 2.5-inch SSD substitutes earlier offered by suppliers that are now choosing to follow the data center and client markets.


Virtium DecaStor products can be displayed to extended temperatures and deliver security features with AES encryption, security erase and vtGUARD data protection, just in case if there is an unexpected power breakdown. DecaStor supports sequential read/write speeds of 410/375 megabytes (MBs) per second respectively, with read IOPS of 47,000 and 2,500 write IOPS.

Virtium’s DecaStor SSDs are available now in 80, 160 and 300 GB variants.

Source: Virtium | News Archive