Lian Li Unveils the PC-10N Mid-Tower PC Chassis

Lian-Li Industrial Co. Ltd, just today announced a brand new brushed aluminum mid tower chassis with side mounted radiator support called the PC-10N. In addition to allowing for a 240 mm radiator to be placed on a hinged bracket, the PC-10N misses the traditional motherboard tray, and in its place put into service a railing mounts design for maximum thermal performance and improved cable management.

Lian Li PC-10N

Side Mounted 240 mm Radiator Support
A hinged bracket directly across the CPU gives DIY builders an opportunity to install a 240 mm radiator in the PC-10N. The bracket which is protected by thumbscrews can be swung open on its hinge in order to provide easy access to the internal components.

Lian Li PC-10N

Railing Mount Motherboard Tray
Lian Li’s railing mount technology enhances the airflow under the motherboard, aiding systems to work cooler. This design substitutes the traditional solid motherboard tray which is not effective and can block airflow and adds to system weight and cost. Not only this, the railing system also helps offering better routing options for internal wiring and cables, reducing campiness, enhancing system appearance and further improving airflow.

Lian Li PC-10N

Tool-Less Hard Drive Installation
Hard drives can be tool-lessly installed in the PC-10N. The six 3.5″ drives and one 2.5″ drive are protected in the two HDD cages by quick-access thumbscrews with rubber suspensions to deeply minimize the exasperating noise and vibrations. An additional 2.5″ can be installed using four standard screws. Moreover, the top HDD cage can be detached tool-lessly permitting increased airflow and more space for longer expansion cards.

Thermal Design
it comprises of two 120 mm fans with air filters present in the front of the framework to contract in cool air. Once the front bezel is tool-lessly popped off, the front fans are removable. The rear 120 mm exhaust fan extracts out hot air out of the chassis, and an added 120 mm fan can be fit in the top panel.

Lian Li PC-10N

VGA cards up to 300 mm (11.81″) in length can fit in the PC-10N when the top HDD cage is not detached, and 430 mm (16.9″) can fit in when the cage is. CPU coolers up to 155 mm are supported.

The Lian Li PC-10N also holds up power supplies up to 300 mm (11.81 inches). Ventilation splits below the PSU, with a detachable pull-out air filter, help maximize the life and performance of the power supply and system

The front I/O panel is smartly located on an angle on the right side of the front panel and consists of two USB 3.0 ports and HD audio connections.

It shall be available in two color options: silver (PC-10NA) and black (PC-10NB) with a price tag of €114.90 and will be available after mid of August.

Source: Lian Li | News Archive