Avant Technology and IntelliProp Announce Partnership on 1 TB & 2 TB SSD

According to the press release, Avant Technology has shipped its 1 Terabyte (1 TB) and 2 Terabyte (2 TB) Enterprise class Solid State Drives, successfully doubling the capacity of the largest SSDs available up till now. These 1 TB and 2 TB drives actually combine the capacity of a Hard Disk Drive with the performance of an SSD to produce the exceptional 2.5″ drive. SATA bridge technology is responsible for enabling the capacity increase provided by IntelliProp Inc. in Longmont, CO. Avant and IntelliProp will be show case this technology at the 2013 Flash Memory Summit.

Avant Technology

The Avant and IntelliProp teams have worked together closely to integrate IntelliProp’s device with their drive design skills and expertise to permit a family of high capacity SSD drives with outstanding uncompressible data write performance. These drives set the standards for continued progression in data storage and Avant is expected to be at the leading edge.

IntelliProp is quite contented and keyed up to be working with the Avant team on these programs. Their Hydra bridge technology gives Avant the ability of increasing their drive capacities by 2x or 4x and also increases their throughput and IOPS performance while cutting down the effects of write cliff. The high data throughput capability of their technology efficiently builds the host’s SATA 6Gb/s interface the data bottleneck.

These drives are considered to be just right for data centers and high performance workstations that have not been capable enough to take full advantage of SSD technology due to the requirements for higher capacity drives. With the introduction of the 1 and 2 Terabyte SSD it will bring you the speed, durability, low temperature, and longevity of an SSD.

Source: PRWeb | News Archive