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Codenames For AMD’s Volcanic Islands, Pirate Islands and Crystal Series Detailed

It looks like we finally we know the codenames for the upcoming generation of AMD’s Radeon series including the desktop Volcanic Islands, Pirate Islands and the mobile Crystal series. This information has been leaked by 3DCenter.


Codenames For AMD’s Volcanic Islands, Pirate Islands and Crystal Series Detailed

Many of you know that the flagship of the Volcanic Islands would be the Hawaii chip, but now we have some new updates. There are three new names revealed today as Tonga, Iceland and Maui. According to the report the New Zealand chip was supposed to debut with the HD 7000 series southern island series but it got Malta instead. So the AMD Volcanic Islands series would feature New Zealand as the flagship dual-chip card followed by Hawaii (high end), Maui (performance), Iceland (mainstream), and Tonga (entry level).


The Crystal Series is for mobile graphics. It will be based on a new architecture and will have improved performance. The codenames are as follows: Vesuvius, Topaz and Amethyst.


The last series is the Pirate Islands series we will most likely see in 2015 or just a little earlier. It will debut with a new 20nm architecture. The codenames under the Pirate Islands are Bermuda, Treasure and Fiji. Currently we do not know the positioning of these codenames.


Source: 3DCenter | News Archive

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