AMD to Unveil “Volcanic Islands” Hawaii GPU in Hawaii on September 25th

AMD is planning to announce and unveil to the world their latest Volcanic Islands series based Hawaii GPU on September 25th. AMD has actually confirmed this report with both Bight Side of News and Semiaccurate who also noted that the card would be unveiled at an event in Hawaii.


We detailed AMD’s Volcanic Islands series earlier today and the Hawaii GPU is the high-end flagship part of the series. On September 25th AMD will publically showcase the card at an event in Hawaii. They will be demonstrating the cards capabilities on new gaming titles including EA’s Battlefield 4 and possibly more. This is going to be a big event for AMD. They will be flying press out to Hawaii and the event will be streamed live on the 25th. Some interesting details include aircraft carriers and more sneak previews of Battlefield 4.

The Hawaii GPU will be based off a 28nm process and will feature huge architectural updates over the previous generation. AMD fans have been waiting over a year for a new flagship card. AMD is setting the Hawaii GPU to compete with NVIDIA’s GK110 core. Both NVIDIA’s GeForce GTX Titan and GeForce 780 use this core technology. If AMD keeps the prices close then it will definitely be a win, win situation for them. They have already dropped the price of their Radeon HD 7990 from $999 to $699 to prepare for the launch of Hawaii.

Source: Bright Side of News | News Archive

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