Avexir Announces Core Gold Series Memory

Avexir might not be known by many mainstream user’s but they have been making headway with enthusiasts over the past year. We took a look at their Core Series back in November. Avexir stands by their brand quality, each module is tested on multiple PCs and it is only packaged if it passes JEDEC tests. If any module does not perform up to par it is discarded. This insures that you the customer knows exactly what you are getting.

Avexir Core Gold Series Memory

Avexir has just announced their Core Gold Series memory kits which come with yellow LED accent lights. This color scheme will fit many new Haswell motherboards which have gold accent colors. The Core Gold Series also supports XMP 1.3 for easy initial setup.

Avexir Core Gold Series Memory

Here are the detailed specifications and features

• Product name: Avexir Core GOLD – Yellow LED – DDR3-2133 CL9 – 8 GB
• EAN code: 713757467230
• Manufacturer code: AVD3U21330904G-2CEY
• Supported XMP 1.3: Yes
• PCB Colour: Black
• Total height: 38 mm
• Built-in radiator: Yes
• Colour of radiator: Gold
• Memory type: DDR3
• Capacity: 8 GB / 2x 4 GB (Dual Channel)
• Clock: 2133 MHz
• Latency: CL 9-11-10-27
• Latency at 1333 MHz: CL 9-9-9-24
• Voltage: 1.5V – 1.65 V
• LED Strobe lighting effect: yellow
• Warranty: lifetime
• 100% hand-tested in multiple PC sets
• Tested at 2133 MHz in Intel and AMD motherboards
• JEDEC quality standard: Yes

This kit is currently available at 89,98 Euro incl. VAT.

Source: TechPowerUp | News Archive

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