AMD Won’t Sell the 5 GHz FX-9590 CPU to Consumers

On Tuesday AMD made a huge announcement by launching the 5 GHz FX-9590 and 4.7 GHz FX-9370 processors. Of course after the announcement much raving ensued. It looks like anyone wanting to build a new PC with these new processors is out of luck. AMD will only be shipping these processors to system integrators and will not sell them through retail channels.


AMD’s original release stated that the chips will be “available from system integrators globally beginning this summer.” When asked about that statement AMD responded with “AMD is considering all options, but their initial plan is [system integrators].” So in other words unless you are buying a custom PC from an integrator then you are out of luck.

I think the reason for this is the high 220W TDP of the processor. With a TDP that high it will most likely require some type of exotic liquid cooling. Many consumers do not know anything about watercooling and simple air coolers may not provide adequate cooling for the processors. Because of this I can see why AMD would only be shipping these processors to system integrators.

Source: The Tech Report | News Archive

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