Windows 8.2 “Green” Concept Screenshots Created

We all are aware of the fact that Windows 8.1 release is just around the block but the designers at Studio384 have been further improvising some concept designs of how the next Windows 8 installation might look like. Probably we think it is going to be Windows 8.2 also known as “Windows Green” followed by Windows 9.


This time the designers at Studio384 have completely focused on the windows 8.2 UI (user-interface) and ‘notification center’ that actually gathers all the notifications you receive on your Windows 8.2 device. Clearly inspired by the concept design of cell phones, we see from the screen shots that the notification center would be chiefly displaying everything. It will include software updates, emails, messages and calendar entries.


We will get to experience further improvements in the new Windows Green like the desktop user interface while at the same time offering improved windows buttons which are user friendly. Another feature which is evident through screenshots is that the taskbar does not support transparency anymore thus making the feel of user interface better.


According to sources, the news is in the air that Windows 8.2 will b released later in 2014. So to keep yourself posted about it, stay with us.

Source: eTeknix | News Archive