Mid-2013 Macbook Air (Haswell) Teardown!

The team iFixIt have got their hands on the newly refreshed mid 2013 model of Macbook Air laptops which include Haswell processors. These models were recently announced at the WWDC this week and we have come across a number of crucial changes with this 13 inch model. Apparently the outer look is quite similar to that of the previous model but the folks at iFixIt are more curious to know about the internal parts, especially because to know whether the after service of a ruined component will be easy or difficult repair.

Macbook Air Teardown

According to the iFixIt team the entire 360° view of the laptop only shows a modification in the exterior shell of the laptop which comes in the form of dual microphones on the left side. It’s not that easy to explore damage inside the machine since it requires a special screwdriver to penetrate. Though once you have removed the screws, it quite convenient to crack open it.

Macbook Air Teardown

Once you open the framework, some changes are quite obvious as compared to the previous model. These include a smaller SSD module, updated Airport card, a new heatsink compressor and opposite facing speaker cable connectors. Even the battery is upgraded i.e. 7.6 V and 7150 mAh. Additionally the new Macbook Air is the first to receive a fast 802.11 ac Wifi protocol.

Macbook Air Teardown

Besides the changes, iFitIx has still rated it 4 on the scale of 10 that’s because of its poor repairability.

Source: iFixIt | News Archive

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