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Linux Blocked From Booting on Apple’s New MacBook Air

Apple recently announced their new MacBook Air with Retina display, which is a nice upgrade from older versions. Apparently it is impossible to boot with a Linux distribution on the new MacBook Air. This is because of the new T2 chip that manages Touch ID's Secure Enclave, APFS storage encryption or UEFI Secure Boot validation.

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Apple’s Next Macbook Air Detailed

Apple will be refreshing their popular Macbook Air very soon. The new Macbook Air will have a 12-inch screen, and we have heard the rumors as we are sure you have of a retina screen. No word yet on that, but we also have details on other aspects of the hardware inside the next Macbook Air.

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Mobile Arsenal: The Laptop

We are starting a new series of articles here on ThinkComputers. We define our “Mobile Arsenal” as what we would recommend to you for your mobile setup. Many of us are traveling all the time and we need to be able to be productive on the road. After using quite a lot of different types of mobile products and applications we are going to focus on the best and present them to you here. Today we will be focusing on laptops. This is of course the core of being productive while on the road. For our Mobile Arsenal we are going to recommend laptops that are great for doing work and getting things done. If you are looking for a gaming laptop or something else we are not going to recommend that here. So let’s get started.

Apotop AP-U6 Compact USB 3.0 Flash Drive
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Apotop Launches AP-U6 Compact USB 3.0 Flash Drive

Apotop has just launched their latest USB 3.0 flash drive the AP-U6, and damn it is tiny! It you are looking to add some extra storage to your laptop this is the perfect drive that will be out of the way and go unnoticed. It is only 17.6mm long and weighs only 2g, you can see just how compact it is by checking out the photo below.

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Apple’s 802.11ac MacBook Air Laptops Face Dropped WiFi Issues

We have known from numerous latest user reports that Apple’s new 802.11ac Macbook Air laptops are facing Wi-Fi disconnection problem. The Apple users are experiencing a sudden and unexpected drop in their laptops’ wireless connectivity. As posted on the Apple’s Support Communities website, we have learned that the problem is basically appearing on both the 11inch and 13inch varieties of the newly updated notebook lineup which was introduced at the WWDC earlier this month.

Macbook Air Teardown
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Mid-2013 Macbook Air (Haswell) Teardown!

The team iFixIt have got their hands on the newly refreshed mid 2013 model of Macbook Air laptops which include Haswell processors. These models were recently announced at the WWDC this week and we have come across a number of crucial changes with this 13 inch model. Apparently the outer look is quite similar to that of the previous model but the folks at iFixIt are more curious to know about the internal parts, especially because to know whether the after service of a ruined component will be easy or difficult repair.

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Apple Revamps the Macbook Air

The much awaited MacBook Air's have been announced on the WWDC 2013 stage. It was publicized by the Apple’s vice president. The entire refreshed MackBook Air family has been showed off. The 11-inch and the 13-inch have the same framework but use the recently launched 4th generation mobile Intel core CPU called Haswell.

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Slimmer MacBook Pro and Macbook Air to Launch at WWDC

Apple’s WWDC is expected to take place next week in San Francisco. Assumptions are that most likely Apple’s notebook line up will get the modifications. Since Intel is also planning to release its latest Haswell processor this week, Apple will come up with some significant upgrades as well.

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Macbook Air Refresh Expected at WWDC

As we all know of the fact that up till now apple hasn't announced an important update to any of its hardware since October 2012. But if you are really eager to get you’re hands down on something new the wait might get over soon. Recently heard that the supplies of MacBook Air are fading away from the market due to highly anticipated Worldwide Developer Conference(WWDC) which is right around the corner . Surprisingly most of the major retailers in market are enlisting the MacBook Air as out of stock which is usually the first sign to a refreshed version in a line.

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