Apple To Launch Its 15.5-Inch MacBook Air In April

Apple introduced the revamped MacBook Air with an M2 processor with a variety of additional features last year. Design-wise, this device is quite similar to the “Pro” series, but the screen size has been increased up to 13.6 inches. Apple was said to be developing a larger MacBook Air model with enhanced internals, according to a prior report. Apple is expected to release its new MacBook Air with a screen size of 15.5 inches in the month of April, according to a renowned experienced analyst.

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The 15.5-inch MacBook Air will come out in April, and display production is already underway. In a tweet, leading display analyst Ross Young reveals that Apple may release the new 15.5-inch MacBook Air in “early April.” Young adds that development of the display is underway and that releases and pre-orders will start shortly. If the rumor is true, Apple will reveal the new 15.5-inch MacBook with enhanced internals during its Spring event.

The design of the 15.5-inch MacBook Air will be identical to that of the 13.3-inch model. Note that the business is not replacing the existing 13.3-inch device but rather introducing a new model to its range. The M2 MacBook Air is available for $1,199, although the 15-inch variant may be priced more. As for the machine’s internals, it is unknown if it will include TSMC’s 3nm M3 chip.  However, it was anticipated earlier this year that Apple’s 15-inch MacBook Air might use an M2 Pro processor due to improved thermal management.

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It’s important to take rumors with a grain of salt, especially because Apple is also expected to introduce the M3 MacBook Air later this year. The business may launch the new chip on both versions later this year, although it may only introduce the 15-inch model with an M2 chip during its Spring event. Currently, Apple has the last say because of contradictory information. Aside from that, the 15.5-inch model will have a unibody design with an all-screen display and a top-notch containing webcam.

Via Wccftech