Intel Haswell-E Processors and Wellsburg Chipset Detailed

Many people are very excited that we will finally get getting new Extreme processors from Intel in Q3 of this year, this will of course be Ivy Bridge-E parts. Just a year after that we will see the first Haswell-E processors. This was already confirmed from leaked slides that show a Haswell platform refresh in 2014. Now VR-Zone has revealed slides that give us quite a lot of detail on the Haswell-E platform.

Intel Haswell-E Detailed

Intel Haswell-E Processors Detailed

The Intel Haswell-E platform will effectively replace the upcoming Ivy Bridge-E HEDT (High End Desktop) and will be based on the 22nm Ki-K process architecture. One of the most interesting things about the new processors is that they will feature up to 8 cores. The is a big leap for Intel since the introduction of 6 core desktop processors a couple of years ago. Intel will offer Haswell-E processors in 6 core and 8 core versions with up to 20 MB of L3 cache. Intel is going to of course keep Hyperthreading around so you will have up to 16 logical cores. Maximum TDP for the platform will be in the 130W to 140W range.

Intel Haswell-E Detailed

Based on the specifications of the upcoming Ivy Bridge-E platform performance of Haswell-E should be about 33-50% better (best case scenario).

Intel Wellsburg Chipset Detailed

With the launch of Haswell-E Intel will introduce a new Wellsburg family of motherboard chipsets. The feature that really stands out is the native support for DDR4 memory clocked at 2133 MHz. Of course there will be higher clocked kits and you can overclock much higher. Other features of Wellsburg will include up to six USB 3.0 ports, up to eight USB 2.0 ports, up to 10 SATA 6 Gbps ports, integrated clock support and a TDP of 6.5W.

Intel Haswell-E Detailed

Wellsburg will only support DDR4 with speeds in steps of 1333 MHz, 1600 MHz, 1866 MHz, and 2133 MHz. Since there will be native support for 2133 MHz memory expect that to be the standard. The chipset will support low voltage 1.2V DDR4 memory kits (must be 1333 MHz). The DIMM connector will then have 288 pins (as opposed to 284 from DDR3).

Intel Haswell-E Detailed

Quad-channel DDR4 memory along with its increased frequencies could give you a 50% increase in bandwidth compared to older triple-channel configurations.

The 2011-3 Socket

The slides also give us some information about the LGA 2011-3 socket. It will still have the same dimensions and ball pattern pitch as LGA 2011. According to the slides the new design is more efficient as per Intel’s research.

Intel Haswell-E Detailed

So who is excited for the Haswell-E platform? The only bad thing about it is that we have to wait till the second half of 2013 to get our hands on it!

Source: VR-Zone | News Archive

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