PlayStation 4 and Xbox One Box Art Revealed

Sony and Microsoft have revealed their next generation gaming consoles called the Playstation 4 and Xbox one. Yes! The two rivals are back with their latest models. Both models are expected to get one on one in the battlefield later this year. What a competition it will be. So our Xbox and PS lovers hold onto your money and wait for a couple of more months to experience the ultimate gaming graphics. The retail box art for both consoles has been revealed!

PlayStation 4 Box Art

Of course we can’t move on first without appreciating the cover art of the retail boxes. Firstly mentioning PS4, what we have seen through the pictures, it has once again come with a very charming console box along with a dual shock wireless controller. The retail box also informs us about the hard disk drive memory i.e. 500GB. This powerful system contains eight x86-64 cores and the high quality 1.84 TFLOPS graphics processor which gives deeply immersive gaming experience. According to the sources, Sony’s play station 4 will go on sale with a price tag of $399 which is exactly a $100 less than that of the latest Xbox.

Xbox One Box Art

Talking about the other rival i.e. Xbox one. We find that the specs are much similar to that of PS4 but Xbox comes with a much bigger console which will certainly consume alot of space in your living room. Microsoft’s next generation console is priced at $499 which makes it a $100 expensive than the PS4. An added feature of buying Xbox is that it includes motion sensing Kinect 2.0 kit in the package which I am sure is a great attraction over PS.

To experience the real difference you need to wait for a little more time folks. I am sure it will be worthwhile.

Source: Gaming Vlog | News Archive