Intel Removes ‘Overclocking’ From Non-K Series Haswell Parts

Since we know for a fact that Intel’s Haswell processors were talk of the town well before their launch at the computex 2013. Initially we all were pretty excited with the outsyanding performance of Haswell but a recent decision carried out by Intel made us all very disappointed.

According to tech reports, Intel have declared that over-clocking of Haswell processors will be only restricted to K-series chips. Well earlier, Intel was a bit moderate with the previous-generation “Sandy Bridge and Ivy Bridge” matching parts and did allow some room of over-clocking for non K processors but that too was for a limited time. We would still consider the current action by Intel a disaster. The basis of Intel’s decision is on the fact that they intend to attract consumers and hit the market with non-K series processors, by and large overlocking is extremely unlikely.

Intel Haswell

Although Intel’s Haswell is providing much better flexibility in the shape of added base clock straps, but non-K series parts remain unaccessed. Give a break to your excitement if you have the intentions of acquiring ‘K’ series Haswell. Besides the price is $20 to $30 higher than the standard non-K series, even then it doesn’t offer the complete package against our expectations. Transactional memory extensions and VT-d device virtualization aren’t being supported by K-series which were the part of non-K series Haswell parts.

Now its up to consumers whether to go for first class when it comes to over clocking whole at the same time missing onto some features or either going for the standard option but missing out on the over clocking feature. Even though we don’t like the Intel’s plan at all, let’s see how consumers react to it.

Source: WCCFTech | News Archive