AMD To Launch Radeon R7 470 and R9 480 at Computex

It seems Computex is going to serve as a launching / announcing ground for both AMD and NVIDIA. We have already reported that NVIDIA will launch their first consumer Pacal cards there and now it seems AMD will could launch two cards there as well. These cards include the Radeon R7 470 and the Radeon R9 480.

AMD Radeon

The Radeon R7 470 is based off the “Baffin” (Polaris 11) silicon. The R7 470 could succeed the R7 370 series and will bring with it a leap in performance as well as energy efficiency, with an expected TDP of less than 50W. The R9 480 is based off the “Ellesmere” (Polaris 10) silicon, it also will be very power efficient as it is expected to have a TDP around 110-130W (R9 380 has a TDP of 190W).

The Polaris 10 chip is rumored to feature 2304 stream processors and have a 256-bit wide GDDR5 (GDDR5X-ready) memory controller. We could see 8GB be the standard memory amount, and AMD is expected to keep the clock speeds relatively low, around 800-1050 MHz. This could mean R9 390-like performance at half the power draw.

Source: TechPowerUp! | News Archive

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