AMD To Release Even Cheaper A620 Chipset, Could Deliver $125 Motherboards

According to the latest reports AMD is actually going to introduce two versions of their upcoming A620 chipset for lower-end motherboards. AMD will be using their Promontory 21 (PROM21) module for their A620 motherboards, this is the same one you’ll find on B650 and X670 motherboards. But we are hearing about a new Promontory 22 (PROM22) module that could allow AMD A620 motherboards to start at $125, which is definitely a lower barrier of entry into the AM5 platform.

AMD AM5 Platform Raphael

AMD is using PROM21 inside all of its chipset SKUs, but it disables certain functionality to create different those different SKUs. With PROM22 being a completely new chip without all of the features added it makes the cost of the chip lower, enabling lower costs for A620-based AM5 motherboards.

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