NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4070 non-Ti Model Expected To Feature 2475 MHz GPU Boost Clock

TechPowerUP GPU database maintainer Matthew Smith states that several RTX 4070 cards already have verified clock rates. The first firm to report a factory-overclocked RTX 4070 non-Ti graphics card to the GPU-Z verification database, which is where we assume this information came from, is Colorful. This indicates that the card is already operational in the laboratories and is undergoing testing with non-standard clocks.

nvidia rtx4070ti

The RTX 4070 purportedly has a base speed of 1920 MHz and a boost clock of 2475 MHz. Contrary to the RTX 4070 Ti, it has a boost frequency of 135 MHz lower and a base frequency of 390 MHz lower. Moreover, according to Colorful, the RTX 4070 iGame Ultra White OC has a boost speed of 2505 MHz, which indicates a 30 MHz overclock.

As for the current TITAN ADA reports, Matthew also has an opinion. This card is now proven to exist, although it is unknown whether or when NVIDIA will release it. Meanwhile, the new TITAN has also been seen in the validation database, sporting base, and boost clock speeds of 2235 MHz and 2520 MHz, respectively (same clocks as RTX 4090). Moreover, he verifies that this model includes 48GB of GDDR6X RAM.


The RTX 4070 non-Ti graphics card is expected to start full production in February, followed by the RTX 4060 Ti shortly thereafter. NVIDIA has not yet announced the release dates for these cards, although the Ada AD104 and AD106 GPUs are or will soon be available on the market and mid-range RTX 40 mobile series launch on February 22nd.