AMD Will Debut 2nd Generation RDNA Architecture in 2020

During AMD’s Q4-2019 and FY-2019 earnings call, AMD CEO Dr Lisa Su did confirm that the company would be debuting their second-generation RDNA graphics architecture sometime in 2020. “”In 2019 we launched our new architecture in GPUs, it’s the RDNA architecture, and that was the Navi-based products. You should expect those will be refreshed in 2020, and we will have our new next-generation RDNA architecture that will be part our 2020 lineup.”


We expect that second-generation RDNA or RDNA2 will make use of the 7 nm+ (EUV) silicon fabrication process at TSMC. This will help AMD up its transistor counts, clock speeds, and performance. Two features that are expected with RDNA2 are VRS (variable rate shading) and the possible addition of ray-tracing. We also expect to see “big Navi” in 2020, more on that will likely be revealed in March at AMD’s 2020 AMD Investor Day conference.

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