AMD Will Include AIO Liquid Coolers with Ryzen ThreadRipper Processors

AMD is reportedly going to be including all-in-one liquid CPU coolers with its two upcoming Ryzen Threadripper processor models, which are the 12-core/24-thread 1920X and the 16-core/32-thread 1950X. The TDPs of these processors have not been revealed yet, but older rumors put the 12-core 1920X at 125W and the 16-core 1950X at 155W. These TDPs will be just find running under AIO liquid cooling. This also will not be the first time AMD has bundled AIO liquid cooling solutions with their processors. If you remember they bundled high-TDP versions of its FX-series 8-core processors with liquid cooling solutions (pictured below).

fx cooler

There has not been much talk about compatibility of current AIO liquid-cooling products with AMD’s TR4 socket, so this might have forced AMD to bundle the cooler with the processors so the first ThreadRipper owners aren’t left without a cooler. Bundling the coolers with their Ryzen ThreadRipper could bring an even better value proposition for users comparing these chips to Intel Core X processors.

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