Intel Core i7-7700K Better At Gaming Than i7-7800X

It appears that Intel’s 4-core, 8-thread Core i7-7700K is still better at gaming than the new 6-core, 12-thread Core i7-7800X CPU. This really does not look that good for Intel at all. The guys over at TechSpot took both processors for a spin and the results show that the Core i7-7700K beats the Core i7-7800X in virtually all gaming tasks.

i7 gaming

These results are pretty in line with what we expected though. The Core i7-7700K does have a faster clock speed than the i7-7800X (4.2 GHz vs 3.5 GHz), and a higher boost clock as well (4.5 GHz vs 4.0 GHz). And as we’ve seen with different tests over the past year (Ryzen especially), higher clock speeds typically beat our core count when applications are exposed to more than four cores. So as you can see from the above results the Core i7-7700K clearly beats out the Core i7-7800X in both minimum and maximum FPS and if you look at the graph below, power consumption as well.

i7 power

As I said we expected this results, but even when the i7-7800X is overclocked, the stock i7-7700K still beats it. That for sure does not look good for Intel, who is trying to get more and more people on their new Core X Series processors. Check out TechSpot to see the rest of the results.

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