AMD Working On Opteron Processor with 32 Zen Cores

We already told you about the 16 core Zen APU that AMD is working on, but it appears that AMD has something else in the works too. Apparently they are working on a 32 core processor too, without the Greenland integrated graphics. This Opteron processor is set for 2016 and will target the server market solely.

AMD Zen Summit Ridge

By removing the Greenland integrated graphics they open up 50% more space on the processor, that is why this CPU has double the number of cores as the APU we previously talked about. Each core has 512KB of L2 cache and 4 cores will share 8MB worth of L3 cache. The processor will be divided into eight clusters of 4 cores each for a total of 32 cores.

Another notable feature is a new platform security processor that enables secure boot and crypto coprocessor. This Opteron processor also has eight DDR4 memory channels capable of handling 256GB per channel. The chipset to support this processor will support PCIe Gen 3 SATA, 4x10GbE Gig Ethernet and Sever controller HUB.

Like you we are hoping to see consumer FX parts built off this architecture, no news on that yet though.

Source: WCCFTech | News Archive

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