AMD X570-Successor Chipset Might not be Made By AMD

Unlike previous chipsets, the X570 chipset was made completely in-house by AMD. It was actually the industry’s first mainstream PC platform to support PCI-Express gen 4.0, but it has proven to be expensive and hot. The successor to the X570 chipset will be third-party sourced, much like we saw with previous chipsets. Currently AMD is sourcing its 500-series mid-range chipset, the B550 from ASMedia.

Gigabyte X570 AORUS Master Motherboard

MyDrivers is reporting that the successor to X570, which would very likely be called “X670” could be sourced from a third party like ASMedia. This chipset would implement PCI-Express gen 4.0, but not just as a chipset-bus, but also putting out PCI-Express gen 4.0 general purpose lanes. A design goal with this new chipset would be to implement PCIe gen 4.0 switching fabric without running too hot. This would mean that the chipset would made do with fanless cooling solutions, much like what we saw on X470.

Via MyDrivers

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