AMD X870E Chipset & Ryzen 9000 “Granite Ridge” Detailed

AMD is working on their upcoming 800-series motherboard chipsets, which will launch with Ryzen 9000 series “Granite Ridge” desktop processors. The flagship or top chipset will be X870E, which will be the successor to the current X670E. AMD will not be changing the the CPU socket, so it is still going to be AM5. This means that new X870E motherboards will support not only the upcoming Ryzen 9000 series processors, but also Ryzen 7000 and Ryzen 8000 series.

The big change with X870E has a lot to do with USB4. Motherboard manufacturers will be required to include 40 Gbps USB4 connectivity on X870E motherboards. With this requirement the chipset would turn into a 3-chip solution with two Promontory 21 bridge chips, and a discrete ASMedia ASM4242 USB4 host controller. It is unknown if AMD will allow other brands of USB4 controllers when they become available.


When it comes to the Ryzen 9000 series “Granite Ridge” chip design it is very much the same as Ryzen 7000 “Raphael”. Some changes do include new 4nm “Zen 5” CCDs and an updated memory controller. The new “sweet spot” for memory will be DDR5-6400 and we could see motherboards support up to DDR5-8000 with EXPO profiles.

These new processors will launch with the X870E chipset and accompanying motherboards. Keep in mind these processors will be supported on older 600-series chipsets with proper BIOS updates. AMD is expected to show off 800-series motherboards at Computex 2024. So I would expect to see a preview there and then the full launch towards the end of the year. Computex will be held June 4-7th this year.

Via Moore’s Law is Dead (YouTube), Tweaktown

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