AMD “Zen 2” Has a 29% IPC Uplift over “Zen”

AMD has put out its IPC (instructions per clock) performance for its upcoming “Zen 2” micro-architecture and they numbers are quite impressive. AMD’s “Zen 2” will provide a 29% IPC uplift over the original “Zen” architecture.

amd roadmap 2

With “Zen+” we saw 3-5% IPC uplifts over “Zen” which was made possible with faster on-die caches and improved Precision Boost algorithms.

A report from Expreview said that AMD conducted DKERN + RSA test for integer and floating point units, to arrive at a performance index of 4.53, compared to 3.5 of first-generation Zen, which is a 29.4 percent IPC uplift.

This IPC uplift is made possible by the number-crunching machinery getting bolstered by 256-bit FPUs, and generally wider execution pipelines in windows.

We will see the first “Zen 2” part in the form of AMD’s EPYC “Rome” 64-core enterprise processors.

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