AMD Zen 8-Core Summit Ridge CPUs Could Launch In October

We have been expecting to see AMD’s Zen CPUs come out around the end of the year, but according to the latest rumor we might see them sooner than expected. AMD could launch their Zen 8-core Summit Ridge CPU as early as October. This would put the launch right in the middle of the Black Friday / Holiday season.


A source close to AMD has claimed that 8-core Summit Ridge CPU dies have been taped out in January and are running through testing and validation right now. If this is true this would mean that not only has the core design been finalized, but development of the first product chip with Zen cores have been completed. This chip would feature 8 Zen cores with potential SMT (Simultaneous Multi-Threading) for 16 threads. The chip is also expected to have a TDP of only 95W, which means we are looking at a very power efficient design. This would be very attractive to AMD users as it doubles the thread count of current Piledriver CPUs on top of the 40%+ IPC increase.


It will be quite interesting to see how Zen will perform and how it will be priced by AMD.

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