AMD Zen CPUs Won’t Arrive Till Q4 2016

Many AMD fans have been waiting for the company to release a CPU that could compete with the likes of Intel processors. AMD hopes that they have that with their Zen architecture, which they say will offer a 40 percent increase in IPC (instructions per clock) or performance / clock over the existing “Excavator” CPU core.


Many people where hoping that they would see Zen in early 2016, but the latest reports suggest we will not see Zen till the end of 2016, in Q4 of 2016. If this is the case then it will actually launch after Intel’s Skylake refresh, Kaby Lake. This means it could be too late for people to really consider it.

The delay in the launch is said to be possibly because issues with GlobalFoundries’ 14nm process. GlobalFoundries also created delays with AMD’s 28nm and 20nm nodes in the past.

Source: eTeknix | News Archive

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